Make It Simple



Parel is more than just selling trendy jewelry pieces. The focus is on creating a connection with the customers through spiking up memories. It is a positive platform, where women are left feeling empowered, beautiful and unique. Welcome to Parel family, a place where we make your desires a reality, and offer you distinctive pieces that convey pure emotion.


It all started at a young age, a girl’s love for creating accessories and necklaces. A hobby that often left trails of beads around the entire house driving absolutely everyone crazy. Then this girl became an architect student who needed to make her own pocket money. So she picked up her hobby again, made a small business out of it and even delivered all the designs herself. Unfortunately with the hectic demands of architecture school the project was put on hold. Years passed, architecture work was no longer enough and the passion for jewelry found its way back to her heart. This time, it was the real thing. Parel was born, and designs were brought to life. After one year of building the base alongside a team of passionate designers and architects, the dream became a reality. Now the core objective is to translate joyful memories through jewelry pieces so that every woman can feel positive about herself and her convictions.   







Maintaining Parel

Buying jewelry isn’t always an easy choice. So many designs materials and prices are available out there. At Parel we provide 18 K gold plated pieces at affordable prices for you to enjoy. However when it comes to gold plating, a certain care routine should take place in order to prevent your jewelry from tarnishing. A few minutes of your time will insure a longer lifeline for your jewelry and an everlasting shine. So make sure to follow these steps. First of all, store your jewelry in a dry place away from humidity and in its respective dust bag. If you wish to clean it, use a microfiber cloth to maintain the shine. Second, it is very important to keep your pieces away from moistures and perfumes, so apply your creams, make up, put on your perfume, wait for your skin to absorb it all and then put on the jewelry. Thirdly, it is important not to expose it to sweat, therefore make sure to remove your accessories before exercising, swimming, showering or going to sleep. Remember that gold plated pieces can have reactions to different chemicals including the ones your body emits, so as long as you follow these few steps you will be insuring shiny jewelry for years to come.